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About Me

Hi! I’m Steffy, a photographer based in Sydney, but I'm happy to wanderlust around the world. I'm also a storyteller and an enthusiastic learner. I love to experiment and I am open to any project, including non-profit jobs. The thing I want the most is to listen to your story.

My purpose in life is to be a blessing to others through who I am and what I do. When I catch a glimpse of precious moments, I want to capture and preserve them more permanently, knowing that what I see will probably never look the same again. Remember, it is perfectly ok and wonderful to be you. That’s why I am excited to meet you.

I treasure the joy, laughter, tears, connection, and emotions that have been shared through photography. Your stories are what drive me forward, bring me to my knees with gratitude, and make me who I am today. Your journey is beautiful and deserves to be told.

Tell me your story when we meet!

Symphony Photograph

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